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Mindful use of Earth's Resources

The Buckeye Tree Lodge & Cabins is a project motivated by renewing our relationship and connection between business and the natural world. We constantly challenge ourselves to be better in a holistic way: striving for the best guest experience, decreasing environmental impact, and maintaining a positive influence on our local community.

A minimum of 1% of our total sales are donated annually to local environmental education and charities that support protection of our precious natural resources including primarily:

  • Adventure Risk Challenge

  • Sequoia for Youth

  • Sequoia Parks Conservancy

  • Sequoia Riverlands Trust

Beyond this commitment, we opt to make decisions in the same holistic way. We aim to choose organic wherever we can, decrease toxic chemical use in favor of those that don’t pollute, and choose materials and fabrics with sustainable practices. We are not perfect, but you can rest assured that we are focused on caring for our planet as well as we care for your comfort.

How you can help:

  1. Recycle everything while you’re here! (cans, glass, paper, cardboard, & any plastic containers with a recycle number, but not plastic wrapping films or bags)

  2. Turn down or turn off AC/Heat when you’re not in the room & close curtains/ shades.

  3. Turn off lights (especially outdoor lights) during the daytime hours.

  4. Re-use your towels by hanging them up.

  5. Try solar charging your devices during the day!

  6. Most importantly, recharge in nature and return home refreshed & inspired!

Below is a list of our current and future initiatives to :

Environmental Initiatives:

  • Who Gives a Crap toilet paper (build toilets with profits)

  • Seventh Generation dish soap in all kitchens

  • Solar Power System 

  • Multi stream recycling 

  • Source to Faucet controlled water supply system 

  • High efficiency AC/Heating units 

  • Eco-Friendly cleaning supplies 

  • Eco-Friendly, native landscaping practices 

  • Low/ No VOC wall paint

  • Sourcing in favor of recyclable and bulk packing products

  • Natural Salt chlorinated pools 

  • Replaced all carpets with sustainable cork or bamboo flooring

  • Window replacement of the oldest windows for increased efficiencies


Community Initiatives:

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